Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Government Association (SGA) is your representative body to address issues and concerns. SGA promotes student advocacy, budget recommendation, student events, support of student organizations, and community service. 

Review the SGA constitution (PDF) for bylaws and guidelines for the Central Piedmont Student Government Association. The SGA Executive Committee office is on Central Campus in the Worrell Building, Room 1114. You can contact the SGA Executive Committee at

For more information on SGA at each campus, please contact the Student Life coordinator at your campus.

2021–22 SGA Elections

Decide who will represent you on Student Government Association (SGA) for the 2021–22 school year! In the election, you will choose your SGA president and vice president. All SGA positions are elected by you, the student body (Central Piedmont employees do not vote).

Voting for 2021–22 has closed. Check back to learn who won and keep reading for descriptions of each position.

  • President Candidate: Ramone Thompson

    I have been a member of Student Government Association (SGA) since fall semester of 2019. I would like to continue in my endeavors to serve the student population in the best way possible. I genuinely believe SGA is an amazing way to help students navigate their experience at Central Piedmont while simultaneously getting involved in student events and organizations. That is why I would like to be a member of SGA once again.

    I will continue to serve the student population in my new role as president of SGA by using my previous experience as a senator for Harper Campus in the spring 2021 semester. In this role as a senator, I worked closely with student leaders and committees that helped to improve the student experience at Central Piedmont.

    This previous experience will help bolster my leadership ability and help me be a better student-leader for other students. Student-leaders are expected to be confident, organized, punctual, have critical thinking skills, have the ability to be an objective leader in tense situations, and have a firm grasp on the goals of the organization they are a part of. I believe that I excel in these areas and can use these skills to lead the SGA to serve the student population in the best way possible.

    Ramone Thompson candidate video

  • President Candidate: Divine Vila Nambaya

    I am Divine Vila Nambaya, an Associate in Engineering student at Central Piedmont. I have been a student at Central Piedmont for two years now. As an international student, I felt excluded from the student community because I felt that my broken English was a barrier. For that reason, I decided to join clubs and organizations to spend time with other students and integrate myself into the community.

    I have been in the Mu Alpha Theta as a tutor for spring 2020 and the chapter president for the 2020–21 academic year; I am a student ambassador for the current academic year. Also, I have been part of some leadership programs that have helped me with my communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. That is why I was excited when I received an email from "Central Piedmont Today" that was mentioning the run for the 2021–22 Student Government Association. I want to be a member of SGA, especially the president, because I enjoy working in a team, having tasks to do, gathering ideas, and being the blue hat who decides which hat to use for such-or-such decision.

    I will serve other students as an Executive Committee member by making sure students feel comfortable about sharing their ideas. And, I will work so that students are open-minded about other people’s ideas, so we can work together as a whole to promote student advocacy, student events, and help students be involved in student organizations and community services. And, I will do my best to help students know most of the resources that the college offers, so they can enjoy the time being a student at Central Piedmont. The skills I am sure I will use in the position will be leadership, critical thinking, time management, inter- and intrapersonal skills, which I am sure will be a plus in SGA.

    Divine Nambaya candidate video

  • Vice President Candidate: Cristina Vargas Bayas

    Since I've seen firsthand the organization's vision and values, I want to be a part of Student Government Association. I'd like to learn more about the difficulties that the college's employees encounter in keeping order. I'm quite curious to hear what the students had to say about their experiences here. Above everything, I want to make a difference in the lives of both students and faculty. As a member of the executive board, I will participate in standing committees and provide feedback on the student experience.

    Christina Vargas Bayas candidate video

Executive Committee

The SGA Executive Committee members are elected by the student body and include the SGA president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and public information officer. The Executive Committee represents the needs and interests of all Central Piedmont students. These officers are elected each year in April and serve a full-year term.

  • President

    The SGA president is the face of the SGA. The SGA president should be a good communicator who provides strategic vision and direction. The president should be inclusive, a good listener, and understanding and supportive of Central Piedmont’s “One College” model.

    The president:

    • serves as chief executive officer of the SGA
    • coordinates and oversees committees
    • presides over SGA meetings
    • serves as an ex-officio member of the Central Piedmont Board of Trustees
  • Vice President

    The SGA vice president is the “behind-the-scenes" leader who makes sure that the SGA's duties are completed. The SGA vice president should be organized, willing to learn and implement new processes, and a good delegator and collaborator.

    The vice president:

    • assumes the duties of the president if they are unable to fulfill their duties
    • assumes the duties delegated to them by the SGA president and SGA advisor
    • manages the application, recruitment, and training of other SGA members
    • monitors committees
  • Secretary

    The SGA secretary records SGA meeting minutes and activities. The secretary should have excellent written and oral communication skills as well as be organized.

    The secretary:

    • creates and maintains permanent records and reports for the SGA
    • maintains the record of attendance for all SGA meetings
    • prepares and distributes a copy of meeting minutes to all SGA members and advisors
  • Treasurer

    The SGA treasurer keeps records of all SGA finances and financial responsibility. The treasurer should be capable of handling figures and cash, have an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking, have some experience in budgeting, and an eye for detail.

    The treasurer:

    • works with Student Life staff to make purchases as needed by the SGA
    • works and communicates with clubs/student organizations requesting student fee funds
    • keeps and updates SGA financial records
    • provides SGA financial reports as necessary
  • Public Information Officer

    The SGA public information officer (PIO) coordinates SGA communications with the college. The PIO should be creative, organized, a good written and verbal communicator, and multimedia/tech savvy.

    The public information officer:

    • prepares and releases clear and concise publicity to the clubs, student organizations, and the college community as directed by the SGA advisors
    • advertises SGA events and initiatives across the college
    • presents a unifying messaging to students that reflects the one college model
    • maintains SGA related documents, social media, and websites

Eligibility to Serve on the Executive Committee

To apply to serve as SGA president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or public information officer, you must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Currently enrolled and seeking college credit at Central Piedmont.

  • Have at least a cumulative 2.5 grade point average (GPA).

  • Have completed at least 12 credit hours at Central Piedmont before applying.

  • You can not serve as an officer for any other Central Piedmont student organization at the same time that you serve as an SGA officer. You also may not hold a faculty, administrative, or full-time position with the college.

  • As an officer, you must satisfy the duties of office as stated in the SGA Constitution and as given guidance from the Office of Student Life. You must remain enrolled as a college credit-seeking student, maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, and be enrolled in at least six credit hours each semester you are in office (fall and spring semesters).

SGA Representation

  • SGA Senators

    SGA senators are students appointed by the Executive Committee to represent the needs and interests of students at their respective campus. Two senators will be appointed per campus and serve as members of the SGA General Assembly with voting rights.

    Senators will host regularly scheduled town hall meetings on their respective campuses, and work with campus officers and students leaders from clubs housed at that campus. Senators represent the interests of that campus as well as all students in the "One College" model.

    SGA will accept applications for senator positions at all campuses in spring 2021.


Weekly SGA General Assembly meetings will be held virtually in the spring 2021 semester. You are encouraged to participate in regularly scheduled town hall meetings for your respective campus. You can send general questions or concerns to the SGA executive officers at