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At Central Piedmont Archives, we identify, collect, and preserve archival materials related to the history of the college. Archival materials are available to Central Piedmont faculty, staff, and students, as well as community members. 

Plan Your Visit

Research is currently only available on a virtual basis between 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. After March 2022, we will resume in-person research again. In addition, you may request research assistance by contacting Central Piedmont Archives.

Donate to the Archives

  • Transfer Paper Records to the Archives (Central Piedmont Employees)

    To Transfer Non-Digital Records

    • Please transfer non-digital records to Central Piedmont Archives in sturdy boxes.
    • Maintain the order that the records are stored in and keep the papers in their original file folders.
    • You may remove file folders from the hanging folders — if there is a file label with descriptive information on the hanging folder, please transfer that information to the standard file folder.
    • Clearly label the boxes with the name of the transferring office and the box number (for instance, "Department of English, 1 of 3").
    • Before sending the boxes to our office on the second floor of the Hagemeyer Learning Resource Center, please complete a transfer form (Excel document) and send to Erin Allsop (
    • After your transfer form has been received, the archivist will contact you regarding the physical transfer of the records. We may be able to assist with the transfer, or we can schedule a convenient time to meet you. Small transfers may be sent via campus mail.

    To Transfer Digital Files

    Contact Erin Allsop to discuss ITS solutions.

  • Donating to the Archives (Non-Central Piedmont Employees)

    If you are not a current Central Piedmont employee and are interested in donating to the Central Piedmont archives, please fill out our deed of gift form (PDF). This document formally establishes the transfer of ownership to Central Piedmont and is required for most donations.

    Please bring donations along with the completed deed of gift form to Central Piedmont Archives in AT214 on Central Campus or mail to:

    Central Piedmont Archives
    Central Campus
    PO Box 35009
    Charlotte, NC

  • Records Management

    Central Piedmont Archives adheres to the NC Community College Records Retention Schedule (PDF) to determine which records need to be retained.

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