Get Help Learning How to Use Digital Technologies

Do you struggle with technology? Do you feel like your performance in your classes or job is hurting because you have trouble navigating and using software or digital technologies? Visit the Central Piedmont Digital Literacy Learning Space at your nearest campus library for help.

Visit the Digital Literacy Learning Space at Your Nearest Central Piedmont Campus

The Digital Literacy Learning Space's services are free and open to all Central Piedmont students and employees. Get on-demand, rapid, personalized technology training for general and specialized software. We also encourage community members to take advantage of our services to help you get ready for college, enhance your career opportunities, or for general personal benefit.

Keep reading for details on how to do an instant assessment and to schedule an appointment with the space.

Make a Digital Technology Skills Training Appointment

Keep reading for details on how to schedule your appointment.

Schedule your digital technology skills training appointment

Digital Technology Skills Training and Support Services to Help You

Start with a voluntary online self-assessment to figure out your current level of technology skills and what your needs are. Then, make an appointment with the Digital Literacy Learning Space for individualized digital technology skills training and one-on-one support. The following are examples of digital technology skills you can work on with the Digital Literacy Learning Space.

  • Basic Computer Skills and File Management

    For both Windows and Mac.

  • Internet

    Internet basics; navigating websites and other internet-based tools like MyCollege.

  • Email

    Navigating your email inbox and features.

  • Essential Software

    Word processing and other essential software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Google Documents and other Google apps; and Adobe Create Cloud.

  • Specialty Software (Programs and Lab Help)

    Department computer labs and other program-specific software and apps that your classes require, such as AutoCad, Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SSPS), and Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Learn how to use Central Piedmont general computer labs software more effectively.

  • Career Search

    How to search and apply for jobs, including strategy and planning.

    Be sure to also check out Central Piedmont Career Services for resources to help you with your job search and skills.

  • Searching for Information Online

    Knowing when to do research, how to do that research; searching for information online and how to determine if the research is relevant, reliable, and up-to-date.

  • Online Learning Introduction Training

    Central Piedmont online courses are a great, convenient way to further your education or earn a  degree while meeting the needs of your busy lifestyle. 

    Before taking online courses at Central Piedmont, you may need to complete the Online Learning Introduction training.

  • Understanding and Managing Your Digital Footprint

    Your digital footprint is the trail of data and information you leave — and that others can find — when you use the internet, such as your web searches, email, social media activity, and text messages.

How to Make a Technology Training Appointment with the Digital Literacy Learning Space

We set up our training to meet you where you are and focus on the parts of the software that you don’t know, instead of requiring you to sit through a whole class.

  • To schedule your digital technology training appointment, select your desired campus from the following appointment scheduling links. 

    Cato Campus appointments

    Central Campus appointments

    Harper Campus appointments

    Harris Campus appointments

    Levine Campus appointments

    Merancas appointments

  • In the "appointment type" menu, select technology. Select your desired appointment date and time, then select continue.

  • You'll be taken to a page to confirm your appointment details. Fill in your name and email. (Central Piedmont students and employees should put their Central Piedmont email.)

    In the "What kind of technology help do you need" field, describe the software or skills you want training for.

  • Select confirm appointment. You will get a confirmation email to the email you used to set up the appointment.

Make a Digital Technology Skills Training Appointment

Schedule your digital technology skills training appointment

Test Your Digital Skills Now, Get Instant Results, Start Training with a Central Piedmont Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment Account

Central Piedmont is an official Northstar testing/proctoring location. The Northstar self-directed digital skills assessment is not a placement test. It is a tool that helps you to understand your technology skill levels better and helps you focus on the areas where you might need technology training. You are not required to take Northstar assessments.

Set Up Your Northstar Assessment Account

Once you are logged in to your Northstar account and start taking assessments, your result page includes a report of areas you've mastered as well as the technology skills you need to build. You can also master new skills through self-directed online learning practice. You can earn digital badges and certificates as you take assessments and practice, which you can share with your teachers, advisors, and/or employers to show your accomplishments, skills, and experience and to help you discuss the next steps in your learning journey.

  • Request Access

    Contact the Library to request access to a Northstar account.

  • Enter PIN and Select Go

    - For-college-credit student PIN: 9JTP

    - College and Career Readiness student PIN: NTU6

    You can set up your own account without using the Central Piedmont code, but, if you do that, you won't get an assessment profile to save all of your Northstar work to share with your faculty and advisors.

  • Take Basic Computer Skills Assessment

    Start with the basic computer sills assessment in the Essential Computer Skills section. This assessment takes about 20 minutes. You will then receive a transcript detailing your knowledge.

For-College-Credit Students Northstar Assessment


For-college-credit student digital skills assessment

College and Career Readiness Students Northstar Assessment


College and Career Readiness student digital skills assessment

About the Digital Literacy Learning Space

The Digital Literacy Learning Space's technology trainers are Central Piedmont employees who are particularly knowledgeable and skilled with certain software and applications. These employees also help train their peers. The Central Piedmont Digital Literacy Learning Space is possible through a partnership with Northstar as well as the college's Libraries and Information Technology Services.