Emergency Communications

Keeping you safe and informed is one of the college’s top priorities. Central Piedmont has established a number of resources to connect our community with timely information in convenient formats.

Central Piedmont Critical Alert Emergency Notifications

If there’s an emergency on campus or a closing due to inclement weather, wouldn’t you want to know? Central Piedmont has taken a multi-layered approach to emergency communications to ensure that the community is well informed in such an event.

All college emergency communications come from the critical alert emergency notification system (requires login), currently powered by Regroup. This system is extremely user-friendly and includes a variety of features:

  • directly update your contact information
  • control how you receive emergency notifications
  • customize your notifications

If you have any questions about Regroup, please contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk.

Update Your Critical Alert Contact Details and Communication Preferences

In the event of a campus emergency, the college will send an email to your Central Piedmont email account. You can also opt in to receive voice and/or text messages by registering your phone number in the critical alert emergency notification system. If no one answers, the system leaves a message in your voicemail box. The system will also send messages to TTY/TDD devices.

Signing up for additional notifications is free. However, be aware of your individual cell phone plan's call and text messaging costs. The numbers you provide will remain confidential. Central Piedmont and Regroup will not release your numbers to third parties. This notification system will only be used in the event of a true emergency (such as an intruder, natural disaster, severe weather, or campus emergency) and/or a campus closing to send alert messages with pertinent information about the emergency situation and/or campus closure. To ensure that the system is working properly, you may also receive a test message each semester.

If you would like to get emergency notifications on your cell phone in addition to your college email, you must register your contact information each year:

  • Go to the critical alert emergency notification system (requires login) and log in with your Central Piedmont username and password.


  • To add text/call information, go to the “Phone Numbers” section and select the "+ Add New Phone Number” option after any existing phone numbers.

  • To delete an incorrect phone number, select the trash can icon/option.

  • If your cell phone number changes, you will need to log in to the critical alert system and update your phone number. If your carrier changes but your number stays the same, there is no need to re-register.

  • Stop Receiving Critical Alert Messages

    You cannot opt out of critical alert notification emails sent to your Central Piedmont email account. This is because your college email is the college's official means of communicating with you.

    If you would like to stop receiving critical alert messages to your phone, access the critical alert emergency notification system (requires login) and update your preferences.

    If you are no longer with the college, or if your phone number is in our system by mistake and you would no longer like to receive critical alert messages, please email helpdesk@cpcc.edu.

Other Communication Channels

If you don't have a cell phone, emergency messages are sent via campus e-mail, on the Central Piedmont website, emergency information hotline (704.330.6888), and local media (including radio, TV, and online). Additional emergency communications are being developed continuously. In a crisis situation, there are factors beyond our control. There is no total guarantee that you will receive critical alert notifications. The critical alert system is only one part of the college's notification plan. We encourage you to access all methods of communication provided by the college during a crisis situation.

Help Us Keep Central Piedmont Safe with Text2Tip

There might be a situation that you might not be able to talk on the phone. Just like crime stoppers, Central Piedmont text2tip lets you send an anonymous message from your cell phone to let officers know about something that happened in the past or that might happen in the future. To use Central Piedmont's text2tip service, simply text message “cpcctips” and your message to the number 67283. Standard text messaging charges may apply. You will get a confirmation when your text2tip message is received. If you don't receive the confirmation message, treat it like a phone call that wasn't answered — send the message again or call us directly. Depending on the situation, the dispatcher may respond to you via text message to clarify any information needed. Though security can communicate with you, we do not receive your actual phone number. Your identity remains anonymous.