Counseling Services

Central Piedmont’s Counseling Services helps you manage stress and find new solutions during difficult times. We provide personal counseling to current students, as well as crisis intervention for students who are suicidal, confused, involved in unsafe relationships, or experiencing other emergencies.

Personal counseling can empower you to improve your academic performance, persistence, employment readiness, and general well-being by addressing the emotional, psychological, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to success.

Remote Counseling Services

To promote the health and safety of our students and staff alike during the pandemic, Counseling Services offers phone and video appointments. Remote services also provide you easier access to services and greater flexibility with scheduling.

Contact a Counselor

Counseling Services no longer offers academic advising for pre-health programs or Academic Standards of Progress — contact academic advising for these needs.

Our diverse counseling staff bring unique training, specializations, and backgrounds to the work they do. When scheduling a personal counseling appointment, you are encouraged to communicate any specific preferences regarding experience, specialty, gender, etc. that you feel might be helpful. We will accommodate these requests when possible. When not possible, please know that our counselors will be sensitive to your concerns and help arrange a referral when needed.

If you experience a mental health emergency, please call 911.

When to See a Counselor

People come to Counseling Services for a lot of different reasons. You’re encouraged to meet with us when you want to talk about:

Counselors are available during Central Piedmont's standard operating hours to help you if you are experiencing a personal crisis. If you have an emergency after hours, or if you are off-campus, please call 911.

You can also make a counseling services referral for someone else.

  • Adjusting to college

  • Test-taking anxiety

  • Difficult relationships (with family, peers, classmates, instructors, others)

  • Parenting issues

  • Stress management and coping skills

  • Anxiety and depression; stress and worry

  • Grief and loss

  • The impact of discrimination and exclusion

  • Struggles with low motivation, decision-making, and setting goals

  • Life balance

  • Managing difficult emotions

  • Self-esteem and self-identity

  • New ways to take care of yourself

  • Substance abuse

  • A crisis

  • Anything causing you worry or distress

Need Counseling? Personal Counseling Assistance Program

The Personal Counseling Assistance Program is a free and confidential service available for you for any of the situations listed in the "when to see a counselor" section. You and your counselor work together to discover solutions for problems and create strategies for successfully meeting goals. When you can benefit from the services of other professionals, counselors will provide you with referrals as appropriate. Counselors are available during Central Piedmont's standard operating hours. You may drop by the counseling and advising services reception desk at your nearest campus to make an appointment, or call 704.330.6420. Please specify that you want an appointment for personal counseling. If you are having an emergency, you will be seen without an appointment whenever possible. If you have an emergency after hours, or if you are off-campus, please call 911.

Counseling Center Events and Activities

Counseling Services hosts workshops, events, and other activities to promote academic success, healthy relationships, and personal wellness — you are invited to attend; faculty are encouraged to bring their classes.

Positive Community for Women Mentoring Program

Positive Community for Women

Interpersonal Violence Support Group

Interpersonal Violence Support Group

Building Your Coping Toolbox: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group

Building Your Coping Toolbox: DBT Skills Group

Counseling Services Lunch and Learns

Counseling Services Lunch and Learns

Currently Unavailable: Request a Speakers' Bureau Speaker

[This service is currently unavailable; please check back for when it's offered again.] The Counseling Services Speakers’ Bureau is a service to college faculty and staff of the college whereby college counselors present to students on a variety of topics through opportunities like classroom visits, lunch and learn presentations, and student or college organizations. The goal of the Speakers’ Bureau is to offer information to students that can help them in their academic pursuits as well as personal growth.