Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

Setting strategic goals is key in creating, defining and achieving clear, measurable objectives. Central Piedmont has streamlined its goals to better reflect student and community needs. The college established the goals collaboratively and is committed to accomplishing the plan collaboratively.

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Goal #1

Elevating Student Success

Central Piedmont will support students as they intentionally, successfully, and equitably navigate well-designed pathways to reach their educational, career, and life goals.

Goal #2

Maximizing Academic Excellence and Innovation through Community Engagement and Partnerships

Central Piedmont will continuously evaluate and promote academic and student support programs to ensure they are high-quality, relevant, and optimize career pathways and college transfer.

Goal #3

Advancing our Organizational Culture

Central Piedmont will recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, respectful, and responsible workforce that fosters an organizational culture of transparency and collaboration dedicated to mission-driven allocation of financial, physical, technological and human resources.