Grant Proposal and Post-Award Administration Procedures and Guidelines

I. Purpose

The Office of Government Relations and Grants (GRG) provides guidance to the President, Cabinet, and leadership team to develop and successfully implement grant projects submitted to public (governmental) and selected private (foundations, non-profits, philanthropic) funding agencies, and leads post-award administration. The President of the College reviews and approves all grant applications before they are submitted to funding agencies, and is the only individual authorized to accept a grant award on behalf of the College.

II. Definition of Responsibilities

Office of Government Relations and Grants

The Office of Government Relations and Grants provides staff assistance, including grants development, stewardship, compliance, and support, to the Grants Review Committee, Grants Administration Team, and President in the development and successful implementation of grants. The work of the Office of Government Relations and Grants includes pre-award research and development. The Office of Government Relations and Grants works collegially within the College and alongside external partners to develop detailed proposals that improve, innovate, modernize, and expand both programs and student success initiatives; and, ensures that all grant applications are properly reviewed by the Grants Review Committee and ultimately approved by the President. Post-award administration includes ensuring activities are implemented according to grantor guidelines and the College’s Strategic Plan. All applicable policies, procedures, and guidelines are adhered to.

Grants Review Committee

The Grants Review Committee (GRC) membership includes all members of the President’s Cabinet. The Grants Review Committee provides counsel and makes recommendations to the President on the potential benefits from and impacts of grants projects. The Grants Review Committee meets to review executive summaries of proposals that involve one or more College units, or are of special or strategic significance to the College. This Committee recommends further development of full proposals that are presented to the President for review, consideration and approval.

Grants Administration Team

The Grants Administration (GA) team, whose membership includes key members of Grants and Contracts and Financial Aid teams, reviews the fiscal and programmatic performance of grant projects, makes recommendations to resolve administrative challenges, and supports successful implementation.

III. Procedures

The following procedures reflect the workflows and life-cycle of a grant, from initiation through administration:

1. Grant Activities and the College Mission

The charge to the Office Government Relations and Grants, in collaboration with the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, is to guide College faculty and staff in the development of grant proposals that directly carry out the College mission and/or support the strategic direction of the institution.

2. Approval to Seek Grant Funds

The Office of Government Relations and Grants works with faculty and staff to produce executive summaries of proposed activity for all grant opportunities for advancement by their dean and Vice President.

3. Proposal Development

The Office of Government Relations and Grants directs faculty and staff in the development of proposals and associated activities that adhere to funding-agency guidelines and requirements, are consistent with College policies and procedures, and meet the statutory provisions and regulations of the State Board of Community Colleges.

4. Proposal Approval and Submission

The Grants Review Committee routes completed grant proposals to representatives of all College administrative units that are affected by the proposed grant activities for their review and signature before the proposal is presented to the President for approval. This approval process includes the determination of the appropriate recipient of funds - either the College or the Central Piedmont Foundation. After receiving Presidential approval, the Office of Government Relations and Grants submits the completed proposal to the funding agency.

5. Award Acceptance

The Office of Government Relations and Grants reviews all award documentation to ensure award terms meet those specified in the grant proposal. Once affirmed, the award documents are forwarded to the President for execution. If the award document includes terms that differ from the original proposal, the Office of Government Relations and Grants leads the negotiation of acceptable terms with the funding agency.

6. Post-Award Administration

The Grants Administration team assists with post-award administration to ensure that that all grant-funded activities are implemented according to funding-agency guidelines, College policies and procedures, and state and federal regulations. The Grants Administration team monitors progress toward completion of all performance measures, schedules project meetings, provides continuous support to directors of grant-funded projects to meet the terms and expectations of the grant award, and provides regular reports to the Grants Review Committee on exceptions and performance.

The Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services or designee oversees the financial aspects of a funded project in accordance with fiscal policies of the College and funding sources, and ensures that all costs, both direct and indirect, have been included in the grant when appropriate.

7. Point of Contact

The Office of Government Relations and Grants serves as the point of contact with state and federal funding agencies on behalf of the College and project staff. All questions regarding rules, regulations, and applicable guidelines must be forwarded to the Office of Government Relations and Grants. Grants and Contracts Accounting is often designated as the fiscal point of contact for grant project accounting and reporting purposes.

8. Contract Revisions

The Office of Government Relations and Grants directs the negotiation with the funding agency regarding any revisions or changes in the scope of a grant contract.

9. Indirect Cost Recovery

The College collects the indirect costs allowed by the funding agency on all grant-funded projects. Projects funded by federal agencies or supported with federal funds will include costs based on the College’s current federally negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement.