The North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) Accountability Measures

The Performance Measures for Student Success Report is the North Carolina Community College System's major accountability document. This annual performance report is based on data compiled during the previous year and serves to inform colleges and the public on the performance of our 58 community colleges.

In 1993, the State Board of Community Colleges began monitoring performance data on specific measures to ensure public accountability for programs and services. In 1998, the General Assembly directed the State Board to review past performance measures and define standards to ensure programs and services offered by community colleges in North Carolina were of sufficient quality.

In 2010, a review process was established to ensure the measures and methods for evaluating colleges were current and remain focused on improving student success. Every three years, a committee that is inclusive of college leaders, subject matter experts, and research and assessment professionals are appointed to review the measures and recommend deletions, revisions, and additions. Recommendations for the most recent review were approved in 2018 in the inaugural report.

The current list of North Carolina Community College system's performance measures includes:

  • Basic Skills Student Progress
  • Student Success Rate in College-Level English Courses
  • Student Success Rate in College Level Math Courses
  • First Year Progression
  • Curriculum Student Completion
  • Licensure and Certification Passing Rate
  • College Transfer Performance