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Prepare for a career in the fastest growing positions in the healthcare industry. Explore healthcare career readiness and continuing education opportunities at Central Piedmont. These programs include relevant course, certification, and exam prep offerings.

Corporate and Continuing Education courses at Central Piedmont are not offered for college credit and are designed as a fast track to provide education, training, and marketable upskilling to gain employment in in-demand healthcare fields. 

If you are looking to earn college credit toward an associate degree, certificate, diploma, or to transfer to another institution, explore our degree programs.

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The following Corporate and Continuing Education programs include hybrid, live online and in-person courses at Central Piedmont. We also offer on demand online classes through Ed2Go. Corporate and Continuing Education courses at Central Piedmont are skill-based and not offered for college credit, but in many cases continuing education units (CEUs) are awarded and courses may lead to industry-recognized credentials.

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Spring Course Listings

Allied Health

  • Assisted Living Activity Director Training

    OAP 7009 Assisted Living Activity Director Training 

    This course is designed to provide basic training to individuals seeking to become an activity director in an assisted living (adult care home) or family care home setting. Activity directors for adult care homes are required by the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) to complete a minimum of 60 hours in an approved activity director course, such as this one.   

    • average earning potential: $28,440
    • time commitment: 60 hours of online class with a 60 hours of practicum (180 hours)
    • requirements: 
      • must be 18 years of age or older, in good health, and Tuberculosis (TB) free
      • have a high school diploma or GED
      • complete a state-approved activity course within 9 months
        • If you have a degree in recreational administration or a related field, you meet this requirement.

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  • EKG Technician

    HEA 7315 EKG Technician

    Learn cardiac terminology and understand the structure, anatomy, and physiology of the heart. Gain a basic understanding of the electrical conduction system and how it affects heart function. Learn why the EKG is done as well as common arrhythmias, and demonstrate patient prep and proper placement of EKG leads. You will be able to properly and safely operate the equipment, run a 12-lead EKG accurately and prepare it for reading. 

    • average earning potential: $34,100
    • time commitment: hybrid (online and in-person), 16 weeks (112 hours)
    • outcome: certificate of completion

    Permission required to register. 

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  • Healthcare 3D Printing

    HEA 9000 Introduction to Healthcare 3D Printing

    This course is an introduction to basic three-dimensional solid modeling contextualized for use in the healthcare setting.  Topics include rendering and analysis of solid anatomical or healthcare related equipment models and the creation of multi-view drawings.  Upon completion, you should have a basic understanding of how to upload a file into SolidWorks, select the proper material for the healthcare part, and render of solid models.

    Hours: 15

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  • Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

    While each of the following courses may stand alone for Continuing Education (CEU) completion certificates, all are required in the following sequence to earn the Medical Billing and Coding Certificate. 

    • average earning potential: $45,240
    • time commitment: 1 year
    • outcome: completion certificate, national certification

    HEA 7625 Medical Keyboarding

    This is a basic keyboarding course designed for individuals entering a healthcare field. Prerequisites: none.

    Hours: 60

    Can test out of this course. Textbook required.

    HEA 7254 Exploring Medical Language

    This is a medical terminology course that includes the basics of anatomy and physiology, disease process, and pharmacology. Prerequisites: none.

    Hours: 96

    Textbook required.

    HEA 7270 Medical Reimbursement Specialist

    Learn the basic ICD-10-CM and CPT coding skills. Gain knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, insurance terminology, and billing and reimbursement skills.

    Prerequisites: must complete Exploring Medical Languages and Medical Keyboarding, or their course equivalents. Department permission needed.

    Hours: 90

    HEA 7313 Advanced Coding 

    This course is a continuation of basic and intermediate coding. It will provide in-depth coverage of ICD-10-CM and CPT coding. 

    Prerequisites: must pass the HEA 7270 Medical Reimbursement Specialist course first. 

    Hours: 70

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  • Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist

    DEN 7000 Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist

    The Local Anesthesia for Dental Hygienists in North Carolina course will provide individuals with the knowledge and clinical skills to qualify for certification to administer local anesthesia in this state.  The course is designed to meet the 30-hour In-State training requirement outlined by the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners.  The sixteen hours of didactic information will be delivered through an online format.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion to be submitted to the State Board. Must have department permission to register.

    Hours: 30 

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  • Nurse Aid

    NUX 7501 Nurse Aid

    The nurse aide program prepares you to work under the supervision of licensed healthcare professionals in performing nursing care and services for individuals of all ages. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be required to complete a skills/competency evaluation and will be able to register for the North Carolina competency exam.

    • time commitment: in-person, 16-18 weeks

      • We also offer a summer option with a shorter time commitment. 
    • outcome: eligible to sit for state certification

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    Learn More about our Nurse Aid Program

    Visit Accelerated Career Training for more information on our Nurse Aid non-credit, continuing education program. 

    Nurse Aid is also offered as a for-college-credit program. Visit the Nurse Aid for-college-credit program.

  • Opening a Small Family Care Home

    LLI 7990 Opening a Small Family Care Home

    This course will prepare you to open a small adult family care home with six or fewer residents.  The class will cover how to identify the right property, licensure procedures, and other policies and procedures.  Regulations, resident assessments, care plans, LHPS, required records and medication management will be discussed.  Also covered are activities, food service, staff training and qualifications.  One session will also cover the preparation of a marketing plan and budgets.  The course prepares participants to take the N.C. test for administrators. 

    This course is not the Assisted Living Administrator Training course.  Materials provided in class.

    Hours: 25

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  • Phlebotomy

    MLA 7001 Phlebotomy

    This course prepares you with the knowledge and skills to become a certified phlebotomist, a medical professional who collects blood from patients for various laboratory tests and procedures. The course consists of a 7-week classroom phase and, with successful completion, a 7-week clinical experience. You who complete both phases successfully are eligible to seek national certification. Phlebotomy training and certification enables individuals to seek employment in hospital labs, physician practices, and private independent laboratories, with full-time or part-time employment. 

    • time commitment: in-person, 16 weeks 
    • outcome: eligible to sit for national certification through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

    Required: Proof of high school/GED completion. Department permission required.

    Hours: 219

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Community Health Worker

  • Community Health Worker Certification

    The Community Health Worker course leads to a state certification providing individuals with the knowledge, tools, and resources to become Community Health Workers (CHW) in various settings, including health departments, hospitals, and faith-based organizations. Instructions are designed to cover core competencies essential to working as a certified CHW, including communication, capacity-building, service coordination, interpersonal advocacy, outreach, and personal/ professional skills.

    HEA 8000 Community Health Worker

    • average earning potential: $36,850
    • time commitment: online, 16 weeks (96 hours)
    • prerequisites: none
    • outcome: state certification upon receiving an 80 percent or better on the final

    Book: Foundations for Community Health Workers, Tim Berthold, Second Edition, eBook: ISBN: 1119060672, 9781119060673; physical book: 978119060819. Permission is required. 

    Optional Add-On Courses:

    HEA 8001 Mental Health

    • time commitment: online, 8 weeks (50 hours)
    • prerequisites: Community Health Worker

    HEA 8002 Substance Abuse

    • time commitment: online, 8 weeks (50 hours)
    • prerequisites:
      • Community Health Worker
      • Mental Health

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  • Mental Health First Aid Certification

    HEA 8003 Mental Health First Aid Certification

    • time commitment: online, 2 hours of pre-work and two 4-hour days (8 hours)
    • prerequisites: none
    • outcome: national certification

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  • HEA 8004 Community Health Worker and Developmental Disabilities

    The Community Health Worker Developmental Disabilities class is designed to educate Community Health Workers on the fundamental practices for applying services to children and adults with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.  Types of disabilities discussed will be Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Fragile x, etc. In addition, you will evaluate how the handicapping effects of developmental disabilities in medical, psychological, social, educational, vocational, and economic terms impact service delivery. 

    Prerequisite: HEA8000

    Hours: 50

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  • HEA 8005 Community Health Worker and LGBTQIA+

    The CHW and LGBTQIA+ class is designed to help community health workers have a better understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community and culture.  Information covered in this class includes terms, language and pronouns; medical issues specific to certain populations in the LGBTQIA+ community; and how to use affirming LGBTQIA+ care with your clients.  This class will cover the LGBTQIA+ spectrum so you can better serve this community. 

    Prerequisite: HEA8000

    Hours: 36

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  • Personal Trainer National Certification

    WIT 7000 Personal Trainer National Certification

    Earning two levels of national certification as a personal trainer will give you the expertise you need, whether you're pursuing a career move or for personal knowledge, This course offers in-depth instruction and hands-on practice with a top veteran instructor. In 16 hours of lecture you will cover topics including biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing, equipment usage and health assessment. Another 16 hours of hands-on practical training labs gives you role playing drills on exercises, presentation skills, and more. Your progress in the course is up to you.

    • Level One Certification — Nationally Certified Personal Trainer: Successfully complete the written and practical exams. CPR/AED certification required.
    • Level Two Certification — Nationally Certified Personal Trainer: Successfully complete your Level One exams followed by a 30-hour internship that will connect you to local employers and provide practice in a professional setting.

    Required Textbook: Fitness Professional's Handbook-7th Edition with Web Resources ISBN-13:9781492523376. Purchase textbook prior to start of class. You must be age 18 or older to receive certification.

Massage Therapy

  • Program and Course Information

    Central Piedmont Community College’s Massage Therapy Certification program offers hands-on education and extensive training in therapeutic and medical massage techniques to prepare you to pass the MBLEx. Student support and experience is at our foundation in ensuring a successful experience in preparing you for a career in Massage Therapy, or other specialized areas through our continuing education classes. Our massage therapy program includes a built-in clinical site. Whether you are looking for continuing education credits or want to launch a career as a massage therapist, we are here to help you succeed.

    • earning potential is $42,750
    • time commitment: in-person at Central Campus, 657 hours
    • offering both day and evening programs
      • starting April 3, 2023: evening program from 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., Monday – Thursday
      • starting Fall 2023: day program from 9:00 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Wednesday with a one-hour break for lunch
      • schedule variances during clinicals
    • outcome: eligible for state licensing
    • requirements: 
      • 18 years old by graduation
      • hold a government-issued ID
      • high school or GED-equivalent transcripts
      • eligible to sit for ENG 111 — for more information, visit Placement Testing
      • interview with the program director
      • attend orientation
      • This program requires clinical hours. Some clinical sites may require a background check. To find out if you are eligible to remove charges or convictions from your record to make sure you can complete a healthcare program before committing to it, contact Central Piedmont's Single Stop to schedule a legal consultation.

    Course Sequencing

    Module I: 

    • Anatomy and Physiology I 
    • Fundamentals of Massage Therapy I 
    • Clinical I 

    Module II: 

    • Anatomy and Physiology II 
    • Fundamentals of Massage Therapy II 
    • Clinical II 

    Module III: 

    • Advanced Modalities
    • Clinical III 

    Apply for the Program

    We are currently accepting applications for an evening program. To start the application process, please send us an email.

    Program Director

    Elizabeth Chandler: call 704.330.3119 or email Elizabeth Chandler

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