DOL TAACCCT Grant Mechatronics Re-Envisioned

Mechatronics Re-envisioned DOL TAACCCT Grant

In 2014, the Engineering Department at Central Piedmont Community College seized the opportunity to enhance their relatively new Mechatronics program through a Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training (TAACCCT) grant funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.  CPCC was awarded a 2.5 million dollar grant that provided the opportunity to enhance the classroom experience by digitizing portions of the curriculum from 10 classes within the Mechatronics program.  Students engage with interactive content at home and come to class with a greater understanding of the material.  This flipped classroom approach allows students to have a greater understanding of topics covered and, also, go deeper into the content, thus increasing their knowledge and comprehension. Discover more information below.

Course Schedule
Course Schedule

Curriculum Development

The Mechatronics Re-Envisioned Grant’s primary focus was to digitize a portion of the Mechatronics curriculum to encourage student engagement and interaction with topics before they attend class.

Engineering Materials MEC 180
MEC 130 Engineering Materials
This flipped classroom model is a dynamic way to introduce topics via interactive software so that students come to class prepared to dive deeper into the material, receive greater feedback and guidance from instructors, and have more time for hands-on labs and activities.

This redesigned curriculum is one of many tools used by the instructor and is in no way a complete course.

Click on the pictures to view content for some of the classes.  Or discover the full curriculum by clicking  Mechatronics Re-Envisioned course listing.

ATR 112
ATR 112 Introduction to Automation
Engineering Materials MEC 180
MEC 180 Engineering Materials
Motors and Controls ELC 130
ELC 130 Motors and Controls

The Industry Expansion Solutions team (IES) at NC State University served as program evaluator for the project.IES evaluated the content for technical correctedness and then evaluated the effectiveness of the
flipped classroom for the adult learner.


Mechatronics at Central Piedmont Community College Video

Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Video

Mechatronics Re-Envisioned Video

CPCC Mechatronics Reporting Video

Industry Expansion Solutions Evaluates Mechatronics Re-Envisioned

Success Stories

TJ Gerald

Fast Track Removes Barriers

Winding Path Leads to an Unexpected Career

Mechatronics Flips the Script with Digitized Curriculum

Mechatronics Connect

Mechatronics Connect Infographic
Mechatronics Connect

(Click picture to follow link to Mechatronics Connect website)

"Mechatronics Connect will create a pipeline of educational resources that increase the capacity of the entire Mechatronics consortium community and provide a well-educated workforce supporting, expanding, and attracting industry to the state of North Carolina."

– Mike Hogan, Associate Dean, STEM, Central Piedmont Community College

IES Reports

Executive Summary Mechatronics Re-Envisioned Final Evaluation Report

Mechatronics Re-Envisioned Final Evaluation Report

Robot Gripper
Robot Gripper

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