The Work

Strategic Priorities 2019-2020

Goal #1: Creating a Unified and Focused Vision for Student Success 

Central Piedmont will create and communicate a cohesive vision to promote student success and implement targeted strategies to improve learning outcomes for all students. 

Goal #2: Promoting Academic Excellence through Community Engagement and Partnerships

Central Piedmont will continuously refine programs to ensure that they are high-quality and relevant and provide support services that optimize career pathways and college transfer. This effort requires focused collaboration to align academic programs with relevant knowledge and skills needed to drive economic success. 

Goal #3: Advancing our Organizational Culture

Central Piedmont will recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, respectful, and responsible workforce who will foster an organizational culture of transparency and collaboration dedicated to mission-driven allocation of financial, physical, technological and human resources. 

Goal #4: Making Equity a Priority

Central Piedmont will make equity and inclusion intentional measures of college-wide student success by developing and understanding of achievement gaps and utilizing evidence-based practices to promote success for all students. 

Goal #5: Telling Our Story

Central Piedmont is a community asset for people of all backgrounds. We will expand efforts to position the college as the best choice for accessible, affordable, real-world education